Canvas Files is a Canvas tool that can store content and assignment submissions. Instructors and students access Files through Modules, their user profile and the course navigation button that is within a Canvas site.

How can I use Canvas Files in teaching?

  • Files can be used to share content with students.
  • Files can be used to view your assignment submissions as a student.
  • Make a handout available for students to read or review; for example, PowerPoint slides from your in-class lecture or a Word document synthesizing key concepts from the lesson.
  • Make a document available for students to fill in and then submit as an assignment.
  • Add images—as attachments or embedded within a Page.
  • Files can be attached to a Canvas module or linked from anywhere the Rich Content Editor is available, including Pages, Announcements, Discussions, Assignments or Quizzes.
  • Within the Files section of your course site, you can create folders and subfolders to organize content.
  • Students can upload their own files within Canvas Groups, if they wish to use files for collaboration.

What is unique about Files?

  • Files can be set with different usage rights.
  • Files is built with responsive design to adjust for browser scaling.

Technical requirements

Files is a part of Canvas, so there is no software to install. Canvas Files will run in your web browser and on almost any internet connection.

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