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Canvas Pages is a Canvas tool that can present and store content and resources. Pages can also be used as a collaboration tool for course or group wikis where only specific users can have access. Instructors and students access Pages through Modules and the course navigation button that is within a Canvas site.

How can I use Canvas Pages in teaching?

  • Pages can be created to deliver course information, content and resources to students.
  • Create a welcome page for your course site.
  • Embed images and videos and attaching files in your course content pages.
  • Pages can be used as an individual or group wiki.
  • Pages can be linked in Modules, Assignments and any other place in Canvas where content can be added.
  • Create a sign-up form for students to complete (allow the Page to be editable by students).

What is unique about Pages?

  • Pages keeps the entire history of the page to account for changes over time. 
  • Pages can be used as a collaboration tool.

Technical requirements

Pages are a part of Canvas, so there is no software to install. Canvas Pages will run in your web browser and on almost any internet connection.

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