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Using iClicker during Zoom Sessions

Hello, colleagues! I'm an instructional designer with the Office of eLearning, and for the past 5 years, I have primarily supported Mizzou's Sinclair School of Nursing. As part of the "pivot" to all-online instruction, several of my faculty have figured out how to run iClicker during their Zoom sessions. 

Before I share instructions from Dr. Sherri Ulbrich, I want to give a shout-out to Charlie Rigdon. None of this would've been possible without his leadership on enabling iClicker Cloud and making iClicker free for all students. Not only does this allow faculty accustomed to teaching face-to-face continue using a familiar active learning strategy, this makes iClicker available to any online course that incorporates Zoom!

First, I created an iClicker course for N2200/N2200H. Before lecture we open iClicker Cloud and start a "class" with our course. We also open our PowerPoint and Zoom. Within our PowerPoint we include slides with iClicker questions. The students are all required to create an IClicker account and "join" our course. 

When they join the Zoom class they will be verbally instructed join the iClicker class session we started at the beginning of class. So, class begins. We are Zooming along nicely and come to our first slide with an iClicker question. I usually make these a different background color or design so students recognize the need to participate. Faculty will start a polling session by clicking on the green arrow on our iClicker Cloud icon. Students are instructed to respond to the questions. We give them only one minute and then close the poll. The results can then be displayed and we can clarify any needed content. And then the lecture proceeds. 

After class, faculty log into our class iClicker account and manually can review who has responded and who has not responded to the required poll questions. 

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