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New Canvas feature - online participation tracking

8/16/23: We will not be implementing this feature at this time due to a Canvas security conflict. We will reconsider enabling this feature if Instructure fixes the problem.

8/11/23:  This update has been postponed pending a bug fix from Canvas.

Missouri Online will be turning on the new Online Attendance feature in Canvas on August 11th, 2023. Online Attendance can be accessed through New Analytics in your Canvas course site. When students meet any of the requirements, chosen by the instructor from the below list, for online attendance they will be marked as attended for the day.  This means that they have participated in your Canvas course in at least one of these ways:

  1. Course Access: Student views a page in course
  2. Posts: Student posts a new comment to an announcement or a discussion
  3. Assignments: Student submits an assignment
    Note: This applies to external tool assignments that are fully integrated. If the assignment only utilizes grade pass back to Canvas it may not count to this criteria (ex. VoiceThread).
  4. Conferences: Student joins a Big Blue Button conference
  5. Pages: Student creates a page
  6. Quizzes: Student starts taking a Classic Quiz or submits a Classic Quiz
    Note: Canvas is working on including New Quizzes in this criteria.

At this time instructors cannot create new Online Attendance criteria in addition to what is provided, but Canvas is also working on this.

sample attendance report showing the online attendance criteria options

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