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VoiceThread accessibility updates

Gallery View
A new gallery view is replacing the previous “postcard view,” where all slides in a VoiceThread are visible at once. You can still do all the same things, including browse through slides, see who added each one, and add new slides. The new gallery view will be available only in the student assignment submission page and the instructor assignment builder page on July 1, 2022. It will be available outside of formal assignments later this year.
This update also includes:

  • Full screen reader compatibility.
  • Ability to jump to any other slide while recording a multi-slide comment.
  • Ability to view a slide while keeping the gallery view open.
  • Option to add slides of all types, including media sources and URLs.

Alt Text
When editing a slide, you'll find a new field to add a text description of the image, video, or audio file. Text entered here will be read aloud by a screen reader in VT Universal even though it is not visible on the page.

Accessible Documents
When you upload a document file or presentation slide (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF), the text in those documents is converted to alt text and saved in the new alt text option described above. This means that for the first time ever, all documents you add to VoiceThread are fully accessible!

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