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Change the way you Login to the Zoom website and app

On Wednesday May 18, 5:00am - 7:00am, we will be making a change to the way you login to Zoom. Starting on May 18th, logins will require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), with approval from your mobile device. You are already using this to log into Microsoft 365, Google Suite, myHR, Canvas, Panopto and others. Find out more about MFA.

This change is being made to upgrade the security for Zoom authentication, thus mitigating possible unauthorized access to your Zoom account.

What to expect:

  • Your username and password will remain the same as your standard umsystem login

  • If your meeting is in progress during the maintenance period, it will continue with no interruption

  • There may be a brief outage during the maintenance period in which you are unable to successfully login

  • The first time you login after the maintenance period you may be prompted to accept new Terms of Agreement

  • If you are using a resource account to login to Zoom, please work with your IT Professional to identify other possible options. IT Helpdesks | University of Missouri System (

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