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Panopto Feature Enabled: RSS Feed

Panopto now offers the ability to turn on RSS feeds. This feature is turned off by default and must be turned on for individual folders.

RSS feeds allow users to subscribe to a folder with an RSS reader and the subscriber can see when new videos have been added.
Review the pros and cautions below before you enable this feature.

Pros: Students can subscribe to a Panopto folder and download the recordings. This allows for watching videos offline when their Internet connection is not ideal, or when Canvas or Internet is not accessible.


  • Subscribers will be able to download a copy of all recordings regardless of the download settings on the folder.

  • Subscribers do not need to login to Canvas or Panopto to access the recordings.

  • Sessions downloaded from RSS will show up as anonymous (public) usage in the Analytics (both recording and folder level)

  • Viewing statistics are not available on downloaded videos

If you would like to enable the RSS feed, please review these instructions.

Want to allow students to download recordings without enabling the RSS feed? Click here for instructions.

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