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Changes to the Canvas App Center

On Mar 5, 2022 we will be making changes to the Canvas App Center. If you currently have an app installed in your Canvas course, you may continue using it through the end of the Spring 2022 semester. This change will not interfere with courses currently using impacted apps, but will prevent use in the future, allowing us to maintain security of our student data. If you would like to use one of the currently available apps for the Spring 2022 semester, please install it before Mar 5, 2022.

In keeping with our Canvas policies, we will be removing apps from the app center that have not passed the University’s security and privacy inspection. After the change on March 5, MU and UMKC will notice that more apps are available for use, while S&T and UMSL will notice that fewer apps are available. We have contacted instructors who are using apps that will be turned off. You may also review this list to determine if any of the apps you use are impacted. 

We are making the change at this time to align with the release of courses for Summer and Fall 2022. 

If there is an app you would like to be approved for use after Spring 2022, please email

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