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Zoom updates and new features

As Zoom continues to evolve its product we wanted to make you aware of some new features recently released. Below is a brief description of these attributes with links to more detailed articles. Also, check out this great blog post on how to enhance the classroom experience with Zoom meetings using some of the features listed below, as well as a few others.

Stop Incoming Video is helpful for those people who have low bandwidth, Zoom fatigue or just don’t have a need to see participants on a screen. This setting is controlled by the Zoom Participant, not the Zoom host. 

Presentation Slide Control - Control progression of presentation of the slides without needing to ask the participant sharing the presentation for the next slide.

Spotlight Self for Host in Participants List - Hosts can use the menu in the participant list to spotlight themselves, in addition to the menu from their video tile. This feature eliminates the different experience for self spotlighting versus other people, by controlling it all in one place.

Advanced Polling and Quizzes - This feature is very promising. We do not recommend using it for graded assignments or quizzes without consulting with a Zoom Administrator. The feature requires all students to have downloaded the most recent version of the Zoom client and the quiz is not attached to the Canvas gradebook. 

Features Coming Spring 2022

Save Custom Gallery View Order - Meeting hosts can save the customized gallery view order for subsequent meetings. The customized gallery order is saved to each unique meeting ID, which allows the host to load the saved customized gallery order to avoid continually customizing the gallery order for each meeting. 

Meetings with Focus Mode -Hosts can enable Focus mode during a meeting, in order to provide more privacy to all meeting participants. Focus mode will stop students from seeing each other on video but still allow the host to see everyone. This feature has been available since September, however, beginning Spring 2022, you will be able to schedule a meeting with focus mode already enabled.

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