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Updates to the Canvas Request System

Updates to the Canvas Request System

Two updates have been made to the Canvas Request System (CRS) based on feedback from our end users.

  • In November instructors were given the ability to add Observers and Course Coordinators to their courses via the CRS.
  • Coming in December,
    • Instructors will be able to request students have continued access to courses when they need to finish work for their Incompletes/Delayed Grade. This will be for courses occurring in Fall 2021 and later.
    • Improvements to Course Combos
      • When courses are combined, the instructor will be able to rename the parent course
      • Course combos will have the ability to be edited, rather than deleting the combo and reconstructing

Adding these features eliminates the need to ask Academic Technologies staff to complete the task, which should result in faster resolution times. Information on how to complete these tasks can be found in the CRS Help Guide.

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