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Access a new instance of Canvas to build your Fall 2021 courses

Course shells are now open and available for development for the Fall 2021 semester in the new UM System One Canvas instance. To better support cross-campus enrollment, collaborative teaching, technology savings and a seamless experience for all students, all UM System universities will move from their individual campus instances to using this new, single instance of Canvas in Fall 2021.

What are my next steps?

If you use Canvas, you’ll continue teaching and learning in your existing campus Canvas instances for Spring and Summer 2021. Instructors can also get started by building class content for Fall 2021 in the new instance. While we will be moving course content from the last couple of years to One Canvas, those who use Canvas can also choose to export content from the old instance and import it to build Fall 2021 courses off of previous course sites.

How will One Canvas instance be different?

There are no significant changes and those who use Canvas will continue to have access to the same functionality they have now. Please note, some new functions that have been announced may not be available immediately and the current Canvas web addresses will begin redirecting to the new one in August, between the summer and fall semester.

What if I have a class that runs outside the semester schedule?

Those teaching a course that runs outside of the semester schedule (i.e., actively being taught when the university switches to the new Canvas instance) will need to establish a cutover date with the Office of eLearning. If this situation applies to you, please fill out this planning form to notify the eLearning team and arrange a custom date.

Get more information on the new One Canvas instance and answers to many of your questions by viewing our One Canvas Migration FAQs. If you need additional support, reach out to the eLearning Academic Technology team at, through chat at or via phone at (855) 675-0755(10am-4pm).

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