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Video Announcements for Your Students

Just an idea (take it or trash it):

With students stuck at home, they still need to feel connected to you, your course, their classmates, and the University.  I've decided one way to do this is to post weekly announcements in my Canvas course site each week (preferably on Monday).  This gives you an opportunity to highlight the learning goals and assignments for the coming week.  However, I take this one step further, and I record video announcements for my students.  Here's why:

1)  - It's actually easier (mostly) than typing up an announcement
2) - If you record it and post it in Canvas using Panopto, you can see the viewer stats (i.e., see who really watch the announcements and who didn't).
3) - It connects you with the student and (maybe) familiar places that they've become used to visiting in Columbia.  I've used my home garden as a background, as well as the Quad (it's still open...), in front of buildings on campus, etc. 

At any rate, my students appreciate seeing my face and viewing their weekly announcements instead of another e-mail to read.             

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