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Using Panopto and the Panopto Quiz tool

It's concerning when you put lecture content up for students to view, but you have no idea if they have looked at it, engaged it actively, or will retain anything. The solution is Panopto quizzing. I use the quiz function within Panopto to ensure that students view the material and to check their understanding along the way.

Step 1: Record your Panopto lecture as usual.

Step 2: Develop some specific questions based on the lecture content that will let you know if students are meeting the lesson objectives. Always start with your lesson objectives.

Step 3: Choose particular time stamp locations to insert quiz questions. There are online resources, youtube videos, etc. to help you learn how to do this. I select settings to make sure that students have to answer the question before they move on to the next part of the lecture. This breaks up the lecture because you can insert a question every 5-7 min. Students can't push play and then check out, they actually have to listen and manage the playback. You can choose to give students multiple attempts or a single attempt, it would depend on your objectives for the lesson and assessment. If you simply want to "take attendance" give them multiple attempts. If you want to lean towards assessing their learning, give them a single attempt.

Step 4: publish your edited Panopto with embedded questions.

Step 5: Create an assignment with the Panopto lecture quiz embedded as the content (again, youtube videos, online tutorials can show you how). This will allow the score from the Panopto quiz to feed directly into your grade book. I would assign this quiz a fairly low number of points to make it less enticing for students to engage in academic dishonesty.

Step 6: Monitor and follow-up with your students. Use other assessment modes to determine whether or not they've met the lesson objectives.

Embedding quiz questions in your Panopto lectures can take them from a passive learning exercise to an active learning exercise. These questions will help your students maintain focus and retain more of the information you present.

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