Troubleshooting SmarterProctoring Screen Recording Issues


Students are unable to proceed past the point where they select the screen to record. The Continue button is grayed out.  If any of the below settings are on, all three must be on.

  • Record Camera
  • Record Screen
  • Record Audio

If one or two of those are off while the other is on, students will not be able to get through to take the test.


Ensure settings to record camera, screen and audio are either all on or off as shown in Figure 1. In extreme cases, students may also need to remove the SmarterProctoring Extension from their browser, delete cache can cookies, and restart Chrome. 

Fig. 1, Image showing the settings to Record Webcam, Screen, and Audio switched on in SmarterProctoring.

Figure 1: Recording options in SmarterProctoring


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