We will soon migrate all videos from all campus Panopto instances into One Panopto. You will not be able to access videos from your campus Panopto during the migration.

Check the list of dates below to find out when your campus migration starts. Videos that are already uploaded to One Panopto will not be affected.

Note: You must download any videos that you need during the first two weeks of classes before the migration begins.

When the Panopto migration for your campus is complete, you will be able to access all videos through One Panopto and embed them in One Canvas.

Panopto migration schedule

University of Missouri - Columbia


University of Missouri - Kansas City

URL: umkc.hosted.panopto.com

In Progress

Begin Downtime: 8/18/21 9am ET
Projected Completion: 8/26/21

University of Missouri - St. Louis

URL: umsl.hosted.panopto.com
Begin Downtime: 8/27/21 9am ET
Projected Completion: 8/30/21

Missouri University of Science and Technology

URL: mst.hosted.panopto.com
Begin Downtime: 8/31/21 9am ET
Projected Completion: 9/3/21

  1. Log into your campus instance of Panopto at the URL posted above with your username and password. 
  2. Locate the video you would like to download and click the video title or the video thumbnail to open your video in a new browser tab/window.
  3. At the top-right area of the Panopto player, click the Download icon (downward-facing arrow with a line underneath) to download the .mp4 version of the session to your computer (See Fig 1). Remember where your video is downloaded/saved to.

    Figure 1: Download icon in Panopto player
  4. Go to One Canvas and sign in with your username and password to upload your recordings.
  5. Follow these instructions to Enable Panopto in Your Course Site.
  6. Once you enable Panopto videos click on Panopto Video in your course.
  7. Click Create at the top of the page (See Fig 2). 
  8. Click Upload Media (See Fig. 2). You can select one or multiple recordings from your computer to upload.
    Figure 2: Upload Media in One Panopto
  9. A panel will display the options for uploading a video. In the dropdown list for Add Files to, select the Panopto folder you want the video to be uploaded in, or select My Folder (See Fig 3).
    Figure 3: Uploading videos into Panopto
  10. Click in the box to Browse for the videos that you want to upload. (You can also drag-and-drop videos.)
  11. Once the videos are uploaded and processed, the recording title will turn blue, indicating that it is ready for playback. 

Re-adding Captions (this is possibly if captions were on the video in the campus instance)

  1. View the video list
  2. Click Edit for the video you would like to add captions to
  3. Click Captions
  4. At the Automatic Captions dropdown select Import Automatic Captions

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