One Canvas goes live on Wednesday, August 11. Check to be sure you are ready:

Course imports into One Campus from the campus Canvas instances are complete, with the exception of Summer 2021 courses (which will be imported in September).  Note: If you have made changes to your course in the campus instance of Canvas since May 15, 2021, then you may need to update your course site in One Canvas. 

  • Check your courses in One Canvas to ensure all courses that you need have been imported and each displays as you want.

  • If you do not see your courses or all of the information you expect, email the following information:

    • Campus

    • Semester

    • Course Number

    • Course SIS ID

    • Name of courses cross-listed with main course

    • A brief explanation of your concern

    • “Anything else AT needs to troubleshoot courses”

  • If you prefer, you can export your course from the campus Canvas instance and import it into One Canvas yourself. You may need to use the Canvas Request System (CRS) to create a new Dev Shell to hold this content.

  • Confirm that your TAs and additional instructors have access to your course site.

    • Contact the Registrar on your campus to have TAs and instructors added.

  • Combine your course sections with the Canvas Request System (CRS). If you do not see your Fall 2021 courses listed in the CRS, email

  • Download your gradebooks from recent courses as you will NOT have easy access to your campus instance of Canvas after August 10th.

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Modified on: Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 10:56 AM