Setting up the exam in Canvas

  1. Create a quiz in Canvas as you normally would. 
  2. Set a timer. 
    • We recommend allowing ten extra minutes to allow for students who have issues getting started. 
  3. Set an access code. 
    • To make your tests more secure, do not use the same access code for different tests. Students will not see this code, so you may make it as difficult and elaborate as you wish. 
  4. Check that there is only one Assign toblock set. 
    • You can change this later, but during the initial set up, it must be assigned to Everyone. We recommend that if you are planning to have different assignment dates, for different sections or makeups, that you set the dates and times widely enough to include all of them. You may add different Assign to's later, but the test dates in SmarterProctoring will only update if there is a single Assign to for everyone.
  5. If it is a practice test or quiz, please retitle it to start with "[Practice]" - including the square brackets
    • Because of the method used by SmarterServices for tracking the numbers of students using the service, labelling the practice tests this way will minimize costs to the University. 
  6. Save the test. 

Setting up the exam in SmarterProctoring

Please see the instructions from the company. In step 3, choose Import Exam for any exams in Canvas. If giving an exam through a third-party tools (e.g., Pearson), you should use Create New. Because of differences between how this will work with the different third-party vendors, please contact us the first time you attempt this.

Setting up the exam accommodations

For accommodations, after setting them up on the Canvas side, please see Setting Up a Special Accommodation for how to complete this process on the SmarterProctoring side. 

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Modified on: Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 9:04 AM