How is One Canvas different from my current Canvas?

Once you have logged in, your experience in One Canvas will be very similar to your campus-specific Canvas. You will have access to most of the same Canvas features and the same tools, including Zoom, VoiceThread and Turnitin. Things may just look a bit different.

How do I log in to One Canvas?

The URL for One Canvas is
Note: When you log in, you must use your email address, not 

Will I still be able to access my old courses?

NO. This will be the biggest change. Students on each campus's Canvas will lose access to all previous courses and course work after the switch.

How do I save my work from my campus's Canvas?

You have two options for downloading your course submissions:

Where can I learn more about One Canvas?

The UM System Office of eLearning maintains a One Canvas FAQ page. Although this page is intended for instructors, it might address your concerns as well. If your question is not answered here, please reach out to

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