MU Self-Paced Platform Migration FAQ

Transition Timeline

Beginning June 1, 2021, and continuing over the next 2 years, all self-paced classes at MU will be migrating from the MU Self-Paced Platform to One Canvas. We will be sunsetting the Self-Paced Platform by Oct. 1, 2023; Spring 2023 classes will be the last classes that can use the Self-Paced Platform.

Instructors of self-paced classes will be able to choose when to begin teaching the class within One Canvas. Generally, we recommend that instructors begin developing their self-paced class within One Canvas 3–6 months before they plan to offer their class within One Canvas.

Instructors of self-paced classes should fill out this survey to let us know when you would like to begin migrating your content to One Canvas, and what assistance you would like during the process. Please note that self-paced classes can be run on the Self-Paced Platform while simultaneously being developed in One Canvas; similarly, classes can operate in a hybrid state between the two platforms to help with ease of transition. Please note this on the survey if you would like to do this.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Benefits of transition:

  • One Canvas will provide a better, more consistent learning environment for our students.

  • Moving to one learning management system will make it easier for our students to access their classes.

  • Moving to One Canvas will provide more flexibility and access for our faculty and instructors to develop and update their self-paced classes.

Instructor Support Resources

We are here to support you as you build your course in One Canvas. Here is a helpful summary of what our Program and Course Design Services team and our Student Lifecycle Support team can do to help you and your students during the migration process.

Instructor Transition Checklist

We are excited to help you through this migration process. As you know, the two learning management systems are quite different, and some things that you may not have previously done for your course when it was housed in the Self-Paced Platform will need to be done when it is hosted on One Canvas. Here is a helpful checklist of things to remember as you migrate your course(s).


I have an internship course on the Self-Paced Platform. Will that continue?

Internship courses may continue to be offered on the Self-Paced Platform until it sunsets. We are exploring other alternatives for these courses; we welcome any ideas or suggestions for software/technology to help support the internship courses.

How long does it typically take to convert the class to One Canvas?

We recommend planning to develop the class in One Canvas 3 - 6 months before you plan to offer it in One Canvas. Each class is different; please work with the Instructional Designer who is assigned to assist you during the transition. (Assignments will take place after you have submitted the self-paced class survey.)

Can I operate my self-paced class in a hybrid state during the transition? (I.e., the content on One Canvas but the assessments are in the Self-Paced Platform?)

Yes, it is possible to do this. Please note this on the self-paced class survey when you complete it.

Once I transition to One Canvas, will eLearning still be performing textbook adoptions for me?

After you transition your class to One Canvas, the Bookstore will begin to contact you about textbook adoptions for the coming term, so that you can directly communicate with them about your textbook needs. Until that happens, we will continue to assist with the adoption process.

Can eLearning still order/pay for desk copies or instructor copies of textbooks for my self-paced class?

Under the new Resource Allocation Model, Missouri Online | Office of eLearning no longer receives revenue share from self-paced or online classes; this means that faculty/instructors of self-paced classes should work with their Academic Units’ fiscal offices if they need to purchase textbooks/desk copies for these classes.

What will happen to Mizzou Online's old collection of textbooks that were used in prior courses?

The books will be located in the Missouri Online | Office of eLearning offices in the Heinkel Building. For inquiries about the collection, please email

What is the process for migrating self-paced course content from SPP to One Canvas?

You are encouraged to actively participate in developing your One Canvas self-paced course. Instructional Designers are available and happy to assist you with reorganizing course content in a development site and explaining how to copy the content into the live site once it is created. You will work in the development site until the course is nearly complete. AutoAccess and SmarterProctoring will be set up in the live course site.

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