Starting Fall 2021, the University of Missouri System is moving to One Panopto instance for all four campuses.  

Do instructors have to request their videos to be converted from Kaltura to Panopto? Or will they be automatically converted?

Kaltura videos that have been played in the last two years will be imported into Panopto. It will be the responsibility of the instructor to replace the Kaltura video with the Panopto video in the Canvas course. To embed a Panopto video in your Canvas course, follow the steps on this page: Embedding a Panopto recording in Canvas

Will videos imported into Panopto be automatically captioned? Or will that be a step instructors need to go in and do themselves after the fact?

No, the video will not be automatically captioned. If the video was captioned in Kaltura, then a caption file will be downloaded with the video, and once in Panopto, the Caption file can be uploaded to the video. Panopto Machine Captions can be imported on any new video through the editor.  

What about those that haven’t been played in the last two years? Is there a “pull cord” date by which old Kaltura videos will no longer be accessible for import?

Feb. 2, 2021, was the pull date used for the played in the last two years (Jan. 1, 2019– Feb. 2, 2021).

How long is the migration from Kaltura to Panopto anticipated to take, to get all done? (i.e., if faculty are going to wait and have it done automatically, when can they for sure expect that conversion to be complete by?)

This migration will be taking place during April. We will be receiving updates from Panopto Services on the Progress and completion of the Migration.

Will faculty be notified that their Kaltura videos are copied over and/or sent a confirmation when that copy is complete?

Most likely there will be an announcement or notification that will go out to the Kaltura users when migration has been totally completed. It will be done by instructor username. 

I have some videos that I use for my classes that are currently stored in My Media. Is it possible to download them to my computer and later upload to Panopto? 

Yes. To download: Open My Media, click on the file, click the Actions drop-down menu, Launch Editor, then click the small download icon on the top right corner of the video.

I’m looking at my old courses in the new One Canvas and I can't find my old Panopto Videos. 

The Panopto Recording tool is now available to record new videos in Courses on Canvas One. Previous semester's videos will be migrated and available in August.

When will my imported Kaltura videos be available in Panopto?

Once Kaltura videos are imported into each campus's Panopto instance, it will be available to users and the videos can be used for their summer course. When all the campus Panopto is consolidated into one come mid-August, they will be available in the One Canvas instance with the LTI connected to the consolidated Panopto.

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