UM System has launched a single Canvas instance for all campuses. All campuses are currently offering courses in the new One Canvas instance. 


What is the overall timeline?

March 22, 2021

Instructors will gain access to the One Canvas instance. Instructors will have access to Fall 2021 semester course sites. Instructors and students continue teaching and learning in the present campus Canvas instances.

May 2021

Instructors and students continue teaching and learning in the present campus Canvas instances for summer 2021 courses.

Aug. 11, 2021

One Canvas access opens to students.

URLs to campus-specific Canvas instances will redirect to the One Canvas instance.
Instructors and students will not have access to campus-specific Canvas instances after this date.

Why are we moving to One Canvas instance?

Consolidating into one Canvas instance supports cross-campus enrollment and collaborative teaching by providing a single point of access for all users. It also provides a seamless learning experience for students. Moving to one Canvas instance removes redundancy in academic tools, which reduces licensing fees and provides more efficient allocation of eLearning support resources.

How do I get a site for my course on One Canvas?

You do not have to request a Canvas site for any class that is listed in your campus student information system (Joe’SS, MyView, Pathway, or MyZou) for Fall 2021. Those classes automatically have a Canvas site in the new system. 

Instructors, teaching assistants and enrolled students for the associated class are automatically enrolled in the Canvas site with the appropriate role. Instructors and teaching assistants still need to have a passing FERPA score on record to have access to their Canvas sites.

When will current/previous Canvas sites be migrated to the One Canvas instance?

March 2021

All 2020 course sites were copied to the new Canvas instance.
Migration requests (via emailing open for current Development or Sandbox sites.


The following Canvas items have been copied to the new Canvas instance: 

  • Spring 2021 course sites 
  • Development/Sandbox sites.
  • Published Organization sites. 

August 2021

Migration requests (via emailing open for old (e.g., FS 2019) or inactive Development, Sandbox and organization sites.

Summer 2021 course sites will be copied to the new Canvas instance.

Will past student course work be migrated to One Canvas? 

Student data and course work cannot be migrated to the new Canvas. Only the instructor's course materials have been moved. If an instructor needs access to previous student work for grade issues or accreditation materials they should contact us at

What happens if I have a student with an incomplete?

Please email with the following information:

  • The name of the course and semester (course ID if possible)
  • Name of student (SSO if possible) 
  • Name of instructor and SSO
  • End date for the student to complete the course
  • Confirmation from the campus registrar (via a forwarded email)

How do I combine classes on the new Canvas?

The Canvas Request System allows you to combine sections and cross-listed courses. Those changes should be available in Canvas within ~24–48 hours.

How quickly does Registrar information update in Canvas?

Once changes are made in Peoplesoft by the Registrar, those changes should be available in Canvas within ~24–48 hours.

Can I have an Organization site on One Canvas?

Yes. Organization sites can be requested for One Canvas via the Canvas Request System.  Published organization sites have been migrated to One Canvas.

Can I have a Development/sandbox site on One Canvas?

Yes. Development sites can be requested for One Canvas via the Canvas Request System. Active (since January 2020) Development/Sandbox sites have been migrated to One Canvas.

What external tools will be available in new One Canvas?

While we are working to make sure major third-party applications (Zoom, etc.) are available in One Canvas, you may not see everything you are used to turned on during this initial phase of access. For example, the Panopto Recordings tool is now available to record new videos. Previous semester's video will be available in August. If you log in to One Canvas and don’t have a third-party application that you need for Fall 2021 course development, please email us at with your course(s) and what third-party application you are looking for. Click here to see if a particular tool is currently available.

Will I be able to use the grade passback tool to my Student Information System (Peoplesoft) with One Canvas?

Yes, but this feature will not be ready until the fall.

How do I add users to my course?

If the users need to be able to access the gradebook (Instructors, TAs, etc.), they will need to be added by your Schedule of Courses contact (scheduler) to your course via the student information system for your subject area.  Once that is done, the person will automatically be added to the Canvas site as long as they have passed the FERPA quiz. Please see this help article for information about students and other users.

What user roles are available in One Canvas?

Most roles are exactly the same, or very similar, to the roles in the campus instances of Canvas. To learn more about the roles or to request a higher level of access please see this help article.

I have additional questions — who should I contact?

The eLearning Academic Technology team is ready to answer your questions about the move. Please email us at, chat with us on or give us a call at 855-675-0755 between 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Canvas FAQ Migration

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