UM System is launching a single Canvas instance for all campuses. All campuses will begin offering courses in the new UM System Canvas instance beginning Fall Semester 2021.

What is the timeline for moving to UM System Canvas?

Late March 2021

Instructors will gain access to the UM System Canvas instance. Instructors will have access to Fall 2021 semester course sites. Instructors and students continue teaching and learning in the present campus Canvas instances.

May 2021

Instructors and students continue teaching and learning in the present campus Canvas instances for summer 2021 courses.

August 5, 2021 

UM system Canvas access opens to students.

August 15, 2021

URLs to campus-specific Canvas instances will redirect to the UM System Canvas instance.

Why are we moving to one Canvas instance?

Consolidating into one Canvas instance supports cross-campus enrollment and collaborative teaching by providing a single point of access for all users. It also provides a seamless learning experience for students. Moving to one Canvas instance removes redundancy in academic tools which reduces licensing fees and provides more efficient allocation of eLearning support resources.

I have a course that will still be running when we switch to the UM System Canvas. What do I need to do?

You will work with UM eLearning staff to schedule a cutover date – please e-mail to get on the calendar. Your site will be imported into the new Canvas instance and on the cutover date, you and your students will begin working in the new instance. 

Can I have an organization site on the UM System Canvas?

Yes. Organization sites can be requested for the UM System Canvas via the Canvas Request System (link coming soon). Active organization sites will be migrated to the UM System Canvas later this summer.

How do I get a site for my course on the UM System Canvas?

You do not have to request a Canvas site for any class that is listed in your campus student information system (Joe’s, MyView, Pathway, or MyZou) for Fall 2021. Those classes will automatically have a Canvas site in the new system. 

Instructors, teaching assistants, and enrolled students for the associated class will automatically be enrolled in the canvas site with the appropriate role. Instructors and teaching assistants will still need to have a passing FERPA score on record to have access to their Canvas sites.

When will current/previous courses be migrated to the UM System Canvas instance?

March 2021

All 2020 course sites will be copied to the new Canvas instance.
Migration requests (via emailing open for current Development or Sandbox sites.

August 2021

All 2021 course sites and active organization sites will be copied to the new Canvas instance.
Migration requests (via emailing open for old (ex. FS2019) or inactive Development, Sandbox and organization sites.

How do I combine classes on the new Canvas?

There will be a Canvas Request System that will allow you to combine sections and cross-listed courses. This tool is currently in development and will be available for Fall 2021 semester

I have already built a site on my campus Canvas. Can I copy it to the new one?

Yes, you will be able to export your Canvas site and import it into the new Canvas system. Canvas export files only contain course materials and structure. They do not include user enrollments or user data. Additionally, all Canvas sites from the last academic year will be copied to the new Canvas.

What external tools will be available in the new Canvas?

You should have access to the same tools that you have now. However, some tools may not be available until the Fall 2021 semester.

I have additional questions – who do I contact?

The eLearning Academic Technology team is ready to answer your questions about the move. Please e-mail us at, chat with us on or give us a call at (855) 675-0755 (10am-4pm).

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