Allowing another instructor to use your VoiceThread(s)

An instructor may want to use a VoiceThread in their course that another instructor has created or had used in a previous semester. The original creator of the VoiceThread must first share the VoiceThread with the new instructor. Then the new instructor can make a copy of the VoiceThread to share with the students in their Canvas course site.

Creator of the VoiceThread task

  1.  Share the VT with the new instructor with Edit access.

New instructor tasks

  1. Go to your VT Home page (via Canvas) to view the VoiceThread.
  2. Go to the Sharing area of the VoiceThread you want to use.
  3. Copy the Share link.
  4. In Canvas, add an external tool link for an Individual VoiceThread in your Canvas course.
  5. Click on Add a VoiceThread by Share link or ID (See Fig. 1).
    image showing the add a voicethread by share link or id link
    Figure 1: Adding a VoiceThread by share link
  6. Paste in the Share link you copied earlier.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Make a new copy to share.
  9. Add the new semester designation to the VoiceThread title (See Fig 2).
  10. Decide what comments need to be kept or removed from the VoiceThread (See Fig. 2).
    share options including a new title and which comments should be included in the copy and share
    Figure 2: New VoiceThread settings
  11. Click Copy.
  12. The new VoiceThread will now show in your list of VoiceThreads.
  13. Make sure the VoiceThread you want to add is selected and click Share with Class (See Fig. 3).
    share with class button
    Figure 3: Share with Class button
  14. You will receive a confirmation that the VoiceThread has been shared with the class (See Fig. 4).
    sharing confirmation
    Figure 4: Shared VoiceThread confirmation

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