Entering Your Exam Information in Examity

Instructors must connect Examity to their Canvas site before following the instructions below.

You will not be entering your exam material on the Examity site. Your exams will remain in Canvas or in the textbook publisher's site you use for your class. The Examity Dashboard is your connection to the proctors that will observe your test takers and where you provide all proctoring instructions.

Confirm Canvas quiz settings

Before opening Examity, ensure that your Canvas quizzes have a time limit and a password (See Fig 1). For instructions on Canvas quiz settings please see What options can I set in a quiz?

check settings for a Time Limit and Access Code
Figure 1: Time Limit and Access Code are required when setting up proctoring in Examity.

Entering Exam Information in Examity

  1. From your Canvas site, click on the Examity link you added to your Module page.
  2. Select Load Examity in a new window.
  3. You'll land on the Course page of your Examity Dashboard.
  4. Select Exams in top navigation bar (See Fig. 2).
    choose Exams button
    Figure 2: Click the Exams button.
  5. Select New Exam (See Fig. 3).
    choose New Exam button
    Figure 3: Click the New Exam button.
  6. In the pop-up window, select the course name from the Course drop-down menu (See Fig. 4).
    Select the Course Name
    Figure 4: Select your course name from the drop-down menu.
  7. In the Exam Name field, enter the Canvas Quiz name as it's entered in Canvas.
  8. In the Start date and time and End date and time fields, enter the information as you have it in Canvas (See Fig. 5). This field is required. So, if you do not have Start and End dates, enter the first day and last day of the semester.
    Set exam avaiablity window
    Figure 5: Start and End Dates are required.
  9. In the Exam Duration section, select the Hours and Minutes from the drop-down menus (See Fig. 6). The duration should be the same as the Time Limit field in your Canvas Quiz.
    Set the time limit
    Figure 6: Enter Hours and Minutes for the exam.
  10. Click the Next button on the bottom of the window.
  11. In the Security Level drop-down menu, select the Live Premium option (See Fig. 7). This option schedules a live proctor to observe your test-taker.
    Choose the security level
    Figure 7: Select the Live Premium option. 
  12. In the Link to test field, you will need to paste the URL of the Canvas exam.
    1. Your Canvas site should still be open in a separate tab in your web browser. Select the tab for your site.
    2. Select Quizzes in the course navigation window.
    3. Locate the exam you are entering into Examity and select the exam title.
      Choose exam in Canvas
      Figure 1:
    4. Copy the URL of the exam from the address field (See Fig. 8).
      copy the URL of the exam
      Figure 8: Copy the URL (website address).
    5. Select the Examity tab and paste the URL in the Link to test field.
  13. Enter the password in the Exam Password field as you entered it in your Canvas quiz (See Fig. 9).
    Enter the exam's Access Code in the Exam Password field
    Figure 9: Enter the password in the text field.
  14. If your exam requires students to complete any additional electronic files, you can allow for file upload. Otherwise, leave it set to No.
  15. This page establishes the specific rules and instructions for the exam. 
    1. If you want to import these settings from a previous exam, click the drop-down menus for each section and select the exam rules and instructions you want to import.
  16. Optionally, in the Additional Rules section, check the box for each of the items you will allow.
  17. Optionally, in the Special Instructions section, you can enter instructions For Test-takers, For Proctors, or For Both
  18. Select Create Exam.
  19. Select Done to finish and return to your Exams page (See Fig. 10). Or you can Review Details or add a New Scheduling Exception for one or more students.
    Exam created confirmation page
    Figure 10: Click the Done button to finish.

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