CourseTune helps your learning team design, collaborate on, visualize and manage the blueprints for quality instructional design across a degree or certificate program.

How can I use CourseTune in teaching?

  • Quickly find where each skill is being taught, how, and when, with visual highlights and reports.
  • See the depth of complexity for each objective and visualize how the learning builds throughout the course.
  • Map objectives to any goal or requirement: program outcomes, university outcomes, workplace skills, professional standards.
  • Easily prepare for accreditation. All files and information will stay in one organized place, making it easy to prepare for accreditation review.

What is unique about CourseTune?

  • A unique graph view helps teams spot gaps quickly and understand the relationship between course delivery and curriculum design.
  • Collaborate with faculty, subject matter experts, and specialists in CourseTune to ensure that everyone's on the same page.
  • Generate course and program-level reports that produce outcome maps, assessment activity comparisons, and more.

Technical requirements

An updated web browser and internet.

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