Proctorio settings will differ depending on the kind of test you are giving. To access these Proctorio Settings, you will need to access a Proctorio test in your class with Google Chrome and the Proctorio Secure Exam Monitor extension enabled. The following are three academic scenarios and some general recommendations. Please choose the option closest to how your assessment is structured:

  1. For most exams in Canvas (i.e. closed book exams). 
  2. For exams using third-party tools (i.e. open digital textbook exams).
  3. Minimal settings recommendations (i.e. students with technical difficulties, requiring accommodations for visual impairments, or due to other circumstances).

General Principles:

  • Less is more: do not be more restrictive or more vigilant than you need to be. Sometimes setting things to a very high level produces more problems than it fixes. 
  • Settings interact: some settings, such as Force Full Screen modify other settings. 


Settings we do not recommend:

  • Setting Record Room to Intelligent Scan - this will cause students to have to stop and complete a room scan in the middle of a question, breaking the train of thought. Also note that Record Room with either setting, may be difficult for students with some kinds of impairments to complete properly. 
  • Setting Force Full Screen to Severe (0s) - with this set, students who innocently try to magnify the screen with Ctrl/Cmd + or use Ctrl/Cmd-f to try to find a question they bypassed, or some other Control or Command-key shortcuts, can be booted out of the test and logged out of Canvas without warning.  
  • Setting Re-entry Options to No Re-entry - this setting prevents students who have been forced out of the test from returning to it without the ability to finish it, even if their time has not expired. 
  • Verify ID - is a setting that is difficult for a user with visual impairment to complete due to the way it is implemented.  
  • Verify Signature - is virtually impossible for users dependent on Screen Readers to use due to the way it is implemented, and may be ineffective for users with old forms of ID. 


Please email if you have questions or feedback. 


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