Note: If this is this is the first time an integration has been added, you may need to select the community. Only users who are community admins in InScribe can do this so reach out if you are stuck. If you are an admin, you can select your community by selecting a page within Canvas and opening it in Edit view. From there, select InScribe from your editor tools and you will be prompted to select a community from a dropdown.

  1. From your Canvas site, create a new Page or edit an existing Page.
  2. In the RCE (Rich Content Editor), highlight the text you'd like to make into a link to your InScribe community (see Fig. 1 below).

    Figure 1: Highlight the text on the page you want to make into a link to the InScribe community forum.

  3. Click on the More External Tools icon and select the InScribe button from the list that appears in the popup window (see Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: Select InScribe from the dropdown menu.

  4. A pop-up will appear with some options. Leave it at the default of Add Community Link.

    Figure 3: Leave the default selection, Add Community Link.
  5. In the Link to:dropdown menu, you can choose where you want the link to land:
    • Community Homepage
    • Conversations List page
    • Resources List page
    • a specific Channel

      For all options except the Community Homepage, you may also select a topic. For channels, you can pick a Channel to further filter the view users will see when they launch into InScribe.
  6. Click the Done button. The popup window will close and the InScribe link will be created on the page.

Modified on: Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 12:22 PM

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