Note If this is the first time an integration has been added, you may need to select the community. Only users who are community admins in InScribe can do this, so reach out if you are stuck. If you are an admin, you can select your community by selecting a page within Canvas and opening it in Edit view. From there, select InScribe from your editor tools, and you will be prompted to select a community from a drop-down.

This view lets users ask questions, see an activity feed of their actions in InScribe, or search for information right from Canvas. 

  1. From your Module page in Canvas, click the + symbol and select External Tool from the drop-down.
    External tool listing in the add item drop down box
    Figure 1: click the “+” symbol and select “External Tool” from the drop-down.

  2. Select InScribe from the pop-up window.
    inscribe showing in the external tool listing
    Figure 2: Select InScribe from the list of external tools.

  3. An InScribe window will appear, displaying the name of the associated community.
  4. Select Embedded Homepage to get a full page view of the community. You can also add a filter so that students are only presented with content related to a specific topic from this link.
  5. Click the Done button (See Fig. 3) and then Add Item and the link to InScribe will be added!
    image showing resource options and the done button
    Figure 3: Click the Done button.

  6. When a user opens the page, it will launch as a full-page view within the Canvas experience (See Fig. 4).
    inscribe showing within CanvasFigure 4: InScribe launches when the user clicks on the Module link.


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