Several settings may pose accessibility issues. Students with visual impairments (who are using a screen reader) will most likely be presented with barriers or issues that may cause problems or increased frustration.
Those who wear glasses may encounter issues with facial verification due to the glare of the glasses. We recommend altering the lighting in the exam environment, if possible, or that the user remove the glasses for the Facial Verification image test.

Proctorio Settings That May Cause Issues

The following Proctorio settings have been identified as barriers for students who rely on screen readers. 

  • Record Room — This feature requests that the student rotate the laptop to show the entire room to ensure they are alone and there are no notes or other aids available. 
  • Auto ID Check — This requires students to hold a photo ID up to the camera so it can be captured. They have to position the ID so that it shows within a frame on the screen. 
  • Verify Signature — If this is enabled, students need to use a mouse, trackpad or stylus to sign a blank at the bottom of the screen. As currently implemented, this does not work at all with screen readers.

Excusing a Student from a Proctorio Test

If a student is able to take a regular Canvas test, but not one using Proctorio, they can be easily excused altogether from using the app. 

To excuse a student from using Proctorio

  1. Go to the test in a Chrome browser with the Proctorio Extension installed. 
  2. Click on Moderate Quiz
  3. Locate the student’s row in Moderate Quiz.
  4. Click the check box in the Proctorio column at the far right. 
  5. Click the blue Change Proctorio Access Settings button near the bottom.
  6. Copy the Exam Password Proctorio generates. The quiz will be still be password protected, and this will need to be given to the student. 

To allow students to bypass using Proctorio

  1. Go to the quiz or test in your course.
  2. Click Moderate Quiz.
  3. In the far right column, uncheck the box for any students you need to exempt from Proctorio.

For some students, other alternative means of taking the test may have to be provided. Please contact your disability services office for assistance.

Creating an Accessible Test

Another approach would be to change Proctorio settings that cause problems. Instructors may disable settings for students needing accommodations. This could be done in a copy of the test, assigned just to specific students. 

To make a copy of the quiz:

  1. In Quizzes, find the line with the Quiz you want to copy.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu at the end of that row.
  3. Choose Copy.
  4. Choose the course you wish to copy to, most likely the one you are in.
  5. Choose a module in which to place it if you wish.
  6. Click Copy.
  7. The process is not instantaneous and may require one- to two-minutes to complete.

Assign the copy to the student(s)

  1. Navigate to the copy and click Edit
  2. Scroll down to the Assign section at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Click the X by Everyone and choose the student from the list. If the student does not appear immediately, type the first letters of their first or last name until they appear, then select. 
  4. Fill in the Due date, and, if desired, the Available from and Until dates.
  5. Optional: scroll up and change the time limit on the test. 
  6. Click the Save button.

Edit the Proctorio settings

  1. In Google Chrome with the Proctorio extension enabled, navigate to the copy of the test and click Edit
  2. Click Proctorio Settings
  3. For students with visual disabilities, disable at least Record Room, Auto ID Check and Verify Signature.
  4. For students who lack web cameras, disable at least Verify Video, Record Video and Capture ID. If a student lacks a microphone, also disable Verify Audio and Record Audio
  5. Click Save and Publish.


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