How does Proctorio proctor exams?

Proctorio is a remote proctoring service that instructors may use when students take quizzes and exams in Canvas. Proctorio may use facial recognition technology to compare the student with their ID, as well as record a student's webcam, screen or other actions only during the exam session and to share that information with the instructor.

What information does Proctorio collect from students?

Unlike other online proctoring services, Proctorio does not employ the use of biometrics or external human-based proctors to monitor the student while they take the exam. Proctorio uses automated machine learning to compare the students' identity to their photo ID via webcam and, depending upon the exam settings controlled by individual instructors, monitor the exam attempt in various ways. 

During an exam, Proctorio may take screenshots of the desktop, detect the number of computer monitors connected to the computer or record web traffic. This information will be recorded only if the professor has enabled Proctorio to do so within the exam settings.

How does Proctorio keep student data private?

  • Because it uses an extension in Chrome, Proctorio is only enabled while it is being used in Chrome during the quiz in Canvas. Proctorio and does not have access to the computer outside of this situation. Students can also easily disable or uninstall the extension between taking quizzes if they are concerned.
  • All of the exam information is stored with zero-knowledge encryption, which means that the data is encrypted and when the exam is completed, Proctorio no longer has access to this information.
  • Proctorio cannot access any of the students’ personal files or documents on their computer and does not store or sell a student's personally identifiable information or academic information.
  • No one at Proctorio, or any of its affiliates, can view exam recordings afterward. They are only accessible to authorized users on campus.

Full details on Proctorio's privacy policies

For specific information about why the Proctorio Extension requires certain permissions, visit the Proctorio Chrome Extension page, and click “read more.”


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