If you have chosen to use Proctorio for remote proctoring for your online tests, please make sure students are fully prepared to complete assessments in this environment.

Provide Instructions for Using Proctorio

Share the Taking Proctorio Tests page in the Keep Learning site with your students, which guides them through installing the Proctorio extension for Chrome, setting up the testing environment, and completing the pre-test checks.

Offer a Practice Test

Because taking a Proctorio-enabled test has such exacting requirements, and because it can create extra stress for students, we strongly recommend you allow students to take a practice test with Proctorio before they must take the actual test.

You can create your own practice test or you can download a practice test from Canvas Commons.

To download from Canvas Commons:

  1. Click the Commons icon in the Canvas global navigation.
  2. Clear your campus name from the search filter.
  3. Search for Proctorio Practice Quiz.
  4. Click the Import/Download button and find your Canvas course. Then click Import into Course (See Fig. 1)
    Figure 1: Import the Proctorio practice quiz.
  5. You will find the practice test on the Quizzes page in your Canvas site. 
  6. Check the quiz, and configure the Proctorio settings to match the settings you plan to use for the real test.
    Note: You must open the quiz yourself before making it available to students in order to activate the Proctorio settings.

Adding the Proctorio Syllabus statement will also be helpful to your students.

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