Note: Proctorio warns that, “Instructors should note that there is no Proctorio outcome that unequivocally indicates academic misconduct.”

What is the Proctorio Gradebook?

The Proctorio Gradebook provides a visual overview of the behaviors and anomalies noted by the company’s algorithms for all users for each test. By default, it is sorted by Suspicion Level (see Understanding Suspicion Levels below), but may be sorted by any column. 

Drilling down into individual student sessions, you can review video recordings of students and their environments, screen recordings of their computer activity during the test, check on the other verifications and metrics maintained by Proctorio. You may also view statistics on computer performance, network performance, etc. for each student. 

The first time you access the Proctorio Gradebook, you will be shown an overview video explaining the features in detail. 

Accessing the Proctorio Gradebook

  • Go to your Canvas course site.
  • Click on the desired quiz or test. 
  • Click the ViewProctorio Gradebook link on the right (See Fig. 1).

    Figure 1, View Proctorio Gradebook link

Note: if you are co-teaching a class or are a TA, and have not previously used or setup a Proctorio quiz, please see the requirements section of Setting-up Proctorio.

Understanding Suspicion Levels

Proctorio generates summary ratings, Suspicion Levels, for each test submission based on the behavior of students. The settings you adopted for Behavior and Anomalies that you set in the profile for the quiz determine how various behaviors and other factors are weighted. 

Ratings are displayed with green, yellow, and red flags, with green representing the lowest (best) ratings, yellow for moderate ratings, and red for the highest (worst) ratings. 

Likewise in the video timeline and other portions of gradebook entry for each student, are shown in green, yellow, and red to make it easy to home in on problem areas. 

More documentation and videos on using the gradebook and reviewing proctoring results may be found on Proctorio’s Support Site. This is only available when logged in from Canvas using Chrome and with the Proctorio Extension available. To access it, click on the Proctorio Extension icon in Chrome, then choose Help and Support

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