EquatIO allows easy writing of math and science equations, formulas, and other expressions on your computer. EquatIO is available in Canvas, as a mobile app, and in a Chrome browser extension.

How can I use EquatIO in teaching?

  • Create and display expressions in Canvas quizzes, pages, assignments (anywhere there is a rich text editor)
  • Take handwritten expressions and translate them to type
  • Use LaTeX to create math expressions and add them directly into digital documents
  • Use a microphone for speech to text

What is unique about EquatIO?

  • Graph Editor - Create and customize single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points
  • Handwriting recognition - digitize equations written in ink or with a mouse or stylus
  • Speech input - dictate equations and formulas aloud
  • Screenshot reader - digitize screenshots of math and reads them out loud
  • EquatIO mobile - use your phone or tablet to insert handwritten math, spoken math, or images into your document

Technical requirements

EquatIO is a part of Canvas, so there is no software to install when using it the LMS. An EquatIO app will run on your mobile device. Users can also install a Chrome browser extension.


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