Instructor of Record

The objective of the Instructor of Record document is to provide definitions for the Instructor of Record categories of primary instructor, secondary instructor, course director, graduate instructor and course administrator to ensure an accurate record of the teaching assignments. This policy includes the teaching assignments of graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and other appointments (compensated and non-compensated) as are overseen by the department chair/director, or other instructional faculty. This information is critical to ensure data integrity in reporting teaching loads to UM System, within myVita, and in academic program review.

All categories of instructors noted below will be entered in myZou (by their department admin) and will feed into the learning management system from myZou as listed.

Role Map

MyZou roleMyVita course workloadCanvas roleCanvas enrollment processCan user request Canvas site?
Primary InstructorAssigned a %TeacherAutomaticYes
Secondary InstructorAssigned a %TeacherAutomaticYes
Course DirectorAssigned a %TeacherAutomaticYes
Graduate InstructorAssigned a %TeacherAutomaticYes
Teaching AssistantDoes not factorTAAutomaticNo
AdministratorDoes not factorNo roleNo role in CanvasYes
No Role in MyZouNo Role in MyVitaObserverManual by Teacher, TA, AdminNo
No Role in MyZouNo Role in MyVitaGraderManual (Admin only)No
No Role in MyZouNo Role in MyVitaCourse DesignerManual (Admin only)No

Users who have permission to request a Canvas site can use the online request form.

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