Enrolling Instructors, TAs, Designers, etc.

Anyone with an instructional responsibility in a course has to be listed with the class in the Schedule of Courses. Once they have taken the FERPA quiz, they will automatically be added to the Canvas course site with the appropriate privileges. If you have someone who does not need access to the gradebook (such as a librarian, designer, etc.), you can add them via the Canvas Request System.

Enrolling Students

Students who are enrolled in your class are automatically enrolled in Canvas sites. Students appear in Canvas within 24 hours after enrolling in a course.

Enrolling External Users (Guests)

UM System can only allow temporary guest access for:

  • Guest lecturers.
  • Accrediting agencies.
  • Professional reviewers.
  • Students and instructors from other institutions participating in a cooperative agreement such as study abroad programs.

If you want to add a user to your Canvas site who is not affiliated with a UM System campus, please contact Tech Support on your campus to request a courtesy SSO for the user. When the courtesy SSO is created, contact eLearning at (855) 675-0755 or canvas@umsystem.edu to add the SSO to the Canvas system. All guests must meet the required FERPA and security guidelines prior to gaining access to Canvas.

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Modified on: Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 11:40 AM