OHM (Online Homework Manager) is Lumen’s STEM courseware solution for A&OER, drawing on thousands of interactive assessment questions with tools for creating and sharing your own, complete with algorithmically-generated assessments, machine grading, and feedback.

How can I use OHM in Teaching?

  • OHM provides remixable and editable textbooks and problem sets to allow for maximum customization and flexibility
  • Deploy pre-packaged or customized assignments, quizzes, and other activities into Canvas for grades or practice

What is unique about OHM?

  • OHM is the only STEM math & quantitative courseware designed from the ground up to work with OER content from OpenStax or other OER repositories. While there is a fee for students to use it, it does fall within the Affordable guidelines.

Technical requirements

OHM is integrated into Canvas, so there is no software for students to install, it runs through the browser.sign.

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