Examity is an online proctoring tool used at MU, UMKC and MS&T. Instructors and students access Examity through their Canvas site. Students pay an exam fee when scheduling their exam. The fee is based on the length of the exam and how far in advance the exam time is scheduled.

How can I use Examity in teaching?

  • Preserve the integrity of your exams
  • Verify your student's identification during test taking
  • Prevent cheating during online exams

What is unique about Examity?

  • A real person verifies the student's identity and observes them taking the exam
  • Students must schedule their exam time in advance
  • Students pay the proctor fee when scheduling their exam time

Technical requirements

Browser: Google Chrome is required.


  • Desktop or a laptop computer, limited support is provided for Chromebooks
  • Tablets and mobile devices are not supported
  • A webcam, built-in or external
  • A microphone, built-in or external
  • Speakers, built-in or external

Internet Connection: An upload and download speed of at least 2Mbps.

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