Varafy is a STEM assessment tool that quickly creates assignments and quizzes for print or online use. Varafy generates thousands of unique and fresh versions of a problem and its solution or an entire assignment.

sample Varafy question

How can I use Varafy in teaching?

  • Create a wide variety of assessments for students.
  • Generate thousands of unique versions of a problem.
  • Create multipart questions in which students' answers in one part flow into later parts. 

What is unique about Varafy?

  • The dimensions of your diagrams automatically adjust with each version of a question.
  • Varafy is an OpenStax Ally, meaning it works with many OpenStax textbooks.

Technical Requirements

Varafy is integrated into Canvas, so there is no software to install; it runs through the browser. You will need to contact the company to set up an instructor account. Due to certain setup requirements, please contact your campus support unit when setting up Varafy in a Canvas course.


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